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Every Man's Life Should be the Best

That which a man takes in, both his food and physical environment, shapes the man. A wholesome environment as well as wholesome nourishment contributes to the well being of the mind and body. Avoiding toxins is a readily accepted dietary practice, but spiritual toxins can be be just as predatory and more insidious.

Oft times more difficult to achieve than sound physical health is the peace of mind that comes from a nurturing environment. An abundance of unwholesome, and/or toxic forces exist in American society today. They cause a multitude of males to live less than the well balanced lives a nurturing environment would convey.

Masculinity is a political prisonerMasculinity in America today (in many cases) has become nothing more than a political prisoner of the prejudices and laws of a gender feminized, police state. Research has repeatedly shown that men get higher criminal sentences than women even when all other factors are accounted for.

America has passed Russia in its rate of incarceration. More than 90 percent of the prison population is male. Yet nowhere do we hear any shouts of outrage across mass media about the status of males. Why?

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When politicians fight for civil rights, men and boys are ignored. In the gender feminized world of politics, males are late comers to the political arena. More advocacy for men's and boy's rights is urgently needed.

Since the major ascension of genderfeminized politics in all areas of society in the 1960s, males have left the debates, policies and laws about gender based issues largely to the gender feminists. The results are a debacle. It's no mystery that today in 2011, from TV commercials, to classrooms, to courts of law, prejudices against males abound. Where is the outrage?

Journey in the realm of Well Being

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No one has ever defined what the optimum state of well being is for a human being, and if they ever did it would probably change with the advent of the next stressful, computerized innovation, or the next anti-male, gender feminist pronouncement.

In an exponentially evolving, technological society, filled with inventions to boggle the mind of a wizard, it's impossible to stay attuned to the rhythms of electronic engineering, let alone personal biorhythms. And given the organized gender feminist political forces arrayed against men, it's unlikely America will any time soon extend to the male sex: equal rights, equal protection, or equal justice in law or social institutions.

Many modern males are left wondering why the present day government and social order doesn't benefit their lives anywhere near the level that feminists and other females enjoy. The challenge to innovate for the betterment of all the human specie has never been greater. The need for positive, enlightened nurturing has never been greater for the male sex.

It is time for males to reject the many unhealthy roles that gender feminists and societal institutions have cast on them and journey on a new road -one concerned with the well being of all humans.

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