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Old tree Perception of old Staying Healthy and Aging

Old men like old neglected trees can succumb to a variety of maladies. If left untreated, they can accelerate life's demise.

During a violent winter storm, rain soaked the ground and wind battered at overgrown branches. After years of neglect, the end came suddenly as tons of timber crashed to the ground.

While this old tree stood tall and looked very much alive, its root ball was failing to properly renew with new growth. Hidden under ground, half the base was: dying, dead,rotting, and being eaten by insects.

As old flesh struggles to renew itself, it too is dying off and subject to a variety of invasive ailments. The ravages of time cannot be stopped, but they can be slowed down with proper care.

Staying as healthy as possible is one of the best defenses against the multitude of hardships that all living things will eventually experience through time.

Some men fail to see the benefit of good nutrition, exercise, stress control, and a positive attitude until it's too late. Others are overwhelmed by the anti-male forces arrayed against them. Avoiding misandry in America is far easier said than done.

Good medical care can save and extend lives, but it's no substitute for a quality of life brought about by a wholesome, nurturing environment and healthful living.

In addition to encouraging the avoidance of misandry, here are a few wishes for battered males from Man Among Oaks.