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Saplings (Young Men & Boys)

From earliest times, males are taught to be responsible, to take responsibility, so it's only natural that when things go wrong the first person looked for to blame is a male. Is military service a time honored tradition, where men serve nobly and make selfless sacrifice, or is it, as feminists tell us, a vehicle that leads men to be violent criminals?

During the formative years of a males life, he's inundated with a plethora of indoctrination about who is and who he will be. We are led to believe that schools and colleges have our best interests in mind, and while it is true that a wealth of worthwhile knowledge comes from those institutions, it is also true that a wealth of hurtful, or potentially hurtful information also is promulgated.

Sociology curriculums teach that men are "privileged" by birth and engage in all manner of oppressive behaviors toward women, but the Social Sciences lie. In "The Myth of Male Power," a book by Dr. Warren Farrell, it's revealed that males are not the "privileged class" they are made out to be, and are indeed victims of more oppressions than women.

Having men, young men and boys mislabeled under such misandrist, gender feminist stereotypes as "Patriarchy," and "male privilege" does great disservice to mass numbers of males, and leads to issues, when males confront the harsh conditions of the real world.

Selective Service and Military Service

Male disposability - Americas shameYoung men are required to register for the draft, when they turn 18 years of age. Pamphlets are conspicuously placed in colleges, post offices, and other government run institutions, reminding young men of their duty. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," reads the headline of the pamphlet in English slang. Apparently, if your already using males (overwhelmingly) for canon fodder, there's no need to show them the common courtesy of proper grammar.

If a man declines to register with selective service he can incur a number of penalties including, loss of federal student loan(s) and in some states, loss of driving privileges. Women are presently exempt from the male requirement to register with Selective Service, upon turning 18 years of age, and women are exempt from serving in front line ground combat under an order signed by President G.W. Bush during his administration.

While American, anti-war protestors have been eager to point out the numbers of war dead in their protests, few if any have had the integrity to point out that it's (discriminatorily) been men who've been the vast majority of those selected to be war dead. Gender feminist propaganda never reveals the truth, that there never have been any "Privileged Patriarchs" in the landing crafts that hit the beaches - just exploitable and disposable men.

Canon fodder